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About Vintage Teas

Award winning teas made by passionate tea lovers. Vintage Teas was founded on the promise to never offer “ blended down teas ”, common in today’s tea market. Family owned and operated from Tasmania. Our selection of rich aromatic flavours of black, green, organic, herbal and infused teas are available in loose leaf tea, pyramid and envelope tea bags for food service and retail clients alike. All teas are individually packaged at the source to ensure lasting freshness.

Tea is the true Cup of Life as you will find a host of natural benefits to your body health regardless of the flavour chosen, from giving you renewed energy levels to detoxifying the system; tea is your natural answer.

Vintage Teas comply with the ‘Ozone Friendly’ standard set by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and is certified by ISO 22000. Our organic range is USDA and JAS certified under CU809119. Further we practice Fair Trade production and are certified. Explore the possibiliteas…